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Ten top tips for moderating medical focus groups

Posted by Huw Davies on 02/06/17 15:56

It’s not surprising that focus groups are one of the most popular research methodologies out there – after all, they’re a great way to get insightful qualitative results and can be a faster alternative to individual interviews. However, the key to running a successful medical focus group is all in the moderating. A good moderator brings out the best in the participants, peeking into their minds and asking the right questions at the right time to gather deep insights. If you’re thinking about conducting a medical focus group as part for your next research project, read on for our top ten tips on successful moderation…

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12 Tips for Moderating Healthcare Market Research

Posted by Huw Davies on 27/07/15 09:17


Market research is designed as a way to peer into people’s minds, but it is often only as effective as the person who is moderating the process. It is a job that requires a lot of experience and skill to do well. A moderator should be confident, a quick learner, and a people person. Good market research moderators also need to be experts at handling many different personalities and different needs – from the people in the room to the people behind the glass.

Essentially, the moderator is just as important as the research subjects because the moderator is the one who draws out people’s opinions in a way that is productive and useful. For successful moderation in healthcare market research, try following these top 12 tips:

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Capture valuable insights with medical market research moderation

Posted by Huw Davies on 27/10/14 14:54

When it comes to capturing the most valuable insights from respondents in focus groups or in-depth interviews for healthcare, an effective medical market research moderator is essential. But what makes a good moderator?

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