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Should I offer an incentive to my market research participants?

Posted by Huw Davies on 15/02/17 11:50

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is “Should I include incentive or reimbursement as part of a medical market research programme?” To which our answer is almost always “Yes.”  And that’s equally applicable to research programmes in which the participants are healthcare professionals and those which talk to patients. After all, the former are giving valuable insights and time from their extremely busy schedule, while the latter can sometimes be volunteering personal and occasionally sensitive information. Due to how busy these types of people are, there are often limited numbers that are willing to participant in medical market research, making them harder to recruit. Therefore, you may need to match your incentive to the difficulty level of recruiting these participants to ensure your maximum success of your healthcare research project.

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5 successful ways to find people for healthcare market research

Posted by Huw Davies on 03/02/17 12:20

Finding the right quantity and quality of market research respondents can mean the difference between a study that fulfils its objectives and one that falls short - but locating them, particularly for studies that cover less common conditions or subjects such as healthcare market research can sometimes prove difficult to achieve.

Over the years we’ve identified a variety of methods and channels that can be used to find respondents for healthcare market research studies, so if you're struggling to fill your sample or don’t know where to start to find them, here’s five different approaches that might help.

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10 points to consider when briefing your healthcare market research supplier

Posted by Huw Davies on 10/01/17 10:42

No matter what the scale or subject of your research, securing the right participants up front can mean the difference between a smooth, insightful healthcare market research project or one more likely to take up hours of your valuable time or - worse still - one that leaves you with inconclusive or unusable results.

In our experience, the clearer you are with your healthcare market research recruitment supplier from the word go, the higher your chances of starting your project with the right complement of participants. So as a starter, here are ten points to consider:

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Five ways technology can be used in patient market research

Posted by Huw Davies on 03/01/17 13:24

As in just about every other sphere of our lives, technology has transformed market research, radically altering and improving both the quantity and quality of information researchers can access.

So if you’ve not considered using tech like smart watches, fitness trackers or video cameras in your patient market research before - or you’re looking to expand how you use it - here are five ways it can revolutionise the type and scope of information you can access.

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5 task ideas for your next healthcare market research online community

Posted by Huw Davies on 12/12/16 14:42

You already know that market research online communities are becoming increasingly popular in the world of research. It’s pretty easy to see why - they’re fast, cost-efficient and deliver in-depth insights easily by enabling groups of people to voice their opinions in a safe and secure setting. We’ve got a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before the same happens in the healthcare sector.

The key to delivering in-depth insights in market research online communities lies in the tasks your respondents are set. Each task is created to gather insights, opinions and information – and in order to ensure your community is successful, you need to choose your tasks carefully. From using a variety of different formats to keep your participants engaged and encouraging them to think creatively to ensuring they meet the research objectives, read on for our five favourite tasks for healthcare market research online communities...

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Who’s who in the world of pharmacy? A healthcare market research guide

Posted by Huw Davies on 05/12/16 12:00

The facts about pharmacy

Pharmacy is the third largest health profession in the UK – a good job really, considering that in England alone 1.6 million people visit a pharmacy each and every day with the average person paying the pharmacy a visit 14 times over the course of a year. To qualify, pharmacists must train for a total of five years – that’s one less year than a doctor and one more year than a nurse – and once fully qualified, you’ll find them in a number of different settings, from the high street to hospitals to universities, with some pharmacists now even working in GP surgeries.

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7 tips for conducting your first healthcare market research online community

Posted by Huw Davies on 16/11/16 14:25

Utilising a market research online community in qualitative research is nothing new. But, when it comes to the healthcare sector, we’ve noticed, that there’s still some nervousness surrounding MROCs in healthcare, and a number of our clients often express concerns around success rates.

The truth is that using a market research online community can offer researchers a huge amount of benefits. With over 83% of researchers either using already or considering using a research community, it shows that they are here to stay. Still unsure? Read on for our top seven tips for those venturing out into the MROC world to ensure your healthcare online community is a success...

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Who’s who in pathology? A medical market research guide

Posted by Huw Davies on 11/11/16 08:24

What is pathology?

Pathology is the study of disease and underpins every aspect of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment advice to the use of cutting-edge genetic technology and the prevention of disease. In fact, the work of pathologists helps to develop the treatment for cancer and other conditions, ensure safe blood transfusions and develop vaccines against a range of infectious diseases.

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Five tips to make your healthcare market research strike proof

Posted by Huw Davies on 17/10/16 15:01

From the ongoing issues with junior doctors to all-too-frequent transport strikes, you don’t need us to tell you how much of an inconvenience striking is for market research– especially when it comes to healthcare market research. After all, how are you supposed to reach out to consultants who are busy covering junior doctors’ shifts, or junior doctors themselves when they are catching up with their workload after a week of strike action?

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Did your healthcare market research survive the holidays?

Posted by Huw Davies on 11/10/16 16:02

Did you hear that? The sound of mums and dads everywhere breathing a sigh of relief as kids lace up their shiny new shoes and load up their brand new backpacks ready for the beginning of the school year. That’s right – the summer school holidays are well and truly over for another year. But it’s not just frazzled parents who are relieved that school’s back – market research professionals everywhere will be just as pleased that normal service has resumed, especially in the field of healthcare market research.

After all, as well as the kids going back into the classroom, healthcare professionals are heading back to the office too, and they are no longer having to cover for their colleagues’ holidays. On the other side of the coin, patients are all back from their annual jaunts abroad, too.

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