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Who’s who in AMD? A healthcare market research overview...

Posted by Huw Davies on 13/09/17 12:26

Age Regulated Macular Degeneration, or AMD as it’s also known, is a common eye condition and the leading form of central vision loss in the UK, currently affecting more than 600,000 people. By 2020, it’s predicted that 700,000 people will have late stage AMD in the UK, making it a fast growing area in healthcare market research.

AMD develops when the macula, a small spot near the centre of the retina that is required for sharp, clear vision, is damaged. In some people, AMD advances so slowly that vision loss doesn’t occur for a long time, whereas in others it progresses quickly and may lead to a loss of vision in one or both eyes.

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How technology in healthcare is changing the patient’s experience

Posted by Huw Davies on 04/09/17 16:30

You don’t have to be a tech expert to know that technology is transforming every aspect of our lives: as employees, as consumers, in our personal lives. From health apps to portable devices and even smart pills, technology is already changing the face of healthcare and is set to transform it completely in the coming decades. So, what exactly does this mean for the patient? Read on to find out more…

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Why tech can transform your medical market research

Posted by Huw Davies on 12/07/17 09:41

From smartphones to laptops and emails to social media, whether you’re in the office or at home – there’s not a single aspect of our lives that doesn’t involve technology. Today’s technology enables researchers to gather a wealth of in-depth information, allowing them to get a true insight into respondents’ lives, thought and feelings, instantly empowering researchers and enabling them to understand more than ever before. Read on to discover how you can use tech to transform your medical market research

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Ten top tips for moderating medical focus groups

Posted by Huw Davies on 02/06/17 15:56

It’s not surprising that focus groups are one of the most popular research methodologies out there – after all, they’re a great way to get insightful qualitative results and can be a faster alternative to individual interviews. However, the key to running a successful medical focus group is all in the moderating. A good moderator brings out the best in the participants, peeking into their minds and asking the right questions at the right time to gather deep insights. If you’re thinking about conducting a medical focus group as part for your next research project, read on for our top ten tips on successful moderation…

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Who’s who in Huntington’s disease? A medical fieldwork guide

Posted by Huw Davies on 03/05/17 09:19

What are the facts?

Huntington’s disease is an inherited condition that damages certain nerve cells in the brain. This damage gets worse over time and results in a gradual loss of function that causes problems with movement, cognition (perception, awareness, thinking and judgement) and behaviour. In the majority of cases Huntington’s disease is caused by an inherited faulty gene, however in around 3% of cases there is no family history. Huntington’s disease usually progresses and gets worse over a 10-25 year period from when it first appears, and during the later stages of the disease the person will be totally dependent and need full nursing care.

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5 tips to engage participants during insight communities in healthcare

Posted by Huw Davies on 19/04/17 10:38

Insight communities, or market research online communities as they are also known, are one of the fastest growing general market research methodologies – and we’re pleased to report that the healthcare industry is finally catching up and getting on board, too. It’s pretty easy to see why they’re so popular: when they are well managed, Market research online communities can provide unique insights into participants’ minds, allowing researchers to access qualitative information whilst enabling participants to voice their opinions in a safe and secure setting.

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Five ways technology can be used in patient market research

Posted by Huw Davies on 03/01/17 13:24

As in just about every other sphere of our lives, technology has transformed market research, radically altering and improving both the quantity and quality of information researchers can access.

So if you’ve not considered using tech like smart watches, fitness trackers or video cameras in your patient market research before - or you’re looking to expand how you use it - here are five ways it can revolutionise the type and scope of information you can access.

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Five tips to make your healthcare market research strike proof

Posted by Huw Davies on 17/10/16 15:01

From the ongoing issues with junior doctors to all-too-frequent transport strikes, you don’t need us to tell you how much of an inconvenience striking is for market research– especially when it comes to healthcare market research. After all, how are you supposed to reach out to consultants who are busy covering junior doctors’ shifts, or junior doctors themselves when they are catching up with their workload after a week of strike action?

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Did your healthcare market research survive the holidays?

Posted by Huw Davies on 11/10/16 16:02

Did you hear that? The sound of mums and dads everywhere breathing a sigh of relief as kids lace up their shiny new shoes and load up their brand new backpacks ready for the beginning of the school year. That’s right – the summer school holidays are well and truly over for another year. But it’s not just frazzled parents who are relieved that school’s back – market research professionals everywhere will be just as pleased that normal service has resumed, especially in the field of healthcare market research.

After all, as well as the kids going back into the classroom, healthcare professionals are heading back to the office too, and they are no longer having to cover for their colleagues’ holidays. On the other side of the coin, patients are all back from their annual jaunts abroad, too.

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5 reasons you should run communities in patient market research

Posted by Huw Davies on 23/06/16 11:47

A market research online community (MROC) is a private online community designed to create insightful discussions and enable modern tools to be used for healthcare market research purposes. Research communities provide a unique insight into your patients’ minds and enable researchers to gather rich, qualitative insights, instantly. Read on for our top five reasons why you should be putting MROCs on your to-do-list for your next patient market research study…

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